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Metropolitan Museum Of Art

‘The Sacred Art Of Not Giving Up’ (33.)

‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together’  Vincent Van Gogh I wish to address those who feel ‘lost in the game’. Those who have recently started out on their careers as ‘writers’, ‘creatives’ or ‘visual... Continue Reading →

Living In Hotel California With ‘Tiffany Twisted’ Supergirl (26)

'An artist is an art lover who finds that in all the art he sees, something is missing: to put there what he feels is missing becomes the center of his life's work'  Romare Bearden ‘Kalispera, welcome Madame!’ – I... Continue Reading →

‘It Is Not The Artists Who Speaks, But Life Within The Artist Who Has Much To Say.’(19)

‘The highest purpose of art is to inspire. What else can you do for anyone but inspire them?' Bob Dylan Few days ago, trying to chase away the ‘fall blues’, while having my morning coffee I have noticed that finally... Continue Reading →

‘Art Is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing At All’ (17)

‘On the ridge where great artist moves forward, every step is an adventure, an extreme risk. In that risk however and only there, lays the freedom of Art’. Albert Camus There are artworks that you would look at it and... Continue Reading →

‘Art That Does Have The Power To Save Lives’(16)

‘I believe in the healing power of the arts, and whenever anyone can bring art into anyone’s life, it’s a special thing.’ Austin Nichols There’s no deny - we live in the material world. While auctioneers, art  dealers and art... Continue Reading →

‘The One Who Has Let The Theatrical Air To His Paintings’ (10)

"Ribera, Vermeer, La Tour and Rembrandt could never have existed without him. And the art of Delacroix,Courbet and Manet would have been utterly different". Roberto Longhi When I woke up and looked around and it became clear to me that... Continue Reading →

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