It's Beyond Words, Danielle


it is beyond words it’s profound
the symphony of sensations
the stars that found a new home
in the the eyes of women like me
being truly loved by a men like you

I wish I could shout- say it out loud
I wish you’d hear my voice its sound
I wish I could tell it and spell it out
and then teach you how to pronounce

it is beyond words it’s extreme
the sudden burst of fascination
the urge to be close by any means
when nothing is the way it was before
because of the surrender to revelation
to the unknown that needs to be explored

I wish I could feel your touch now
the kind touch that’s beyond words
that’s loving gentle and hesitant
like my touch while touching a rose

if you wonder now where lays the truth
the kind of truth that can finally set you free
you’d find it in the eyes of women like me
being truly and madly loved by a man like you

Poem Inspired by Danielle van Zadelhoff Fine Art Photography