Big Art Theory is a  theme blog where you could find posts that belong to the ‘cross-boarder’ literature as they consist of interviews with contemporary artists, art-fiction as well as art-inspired poems that bring you closer to the artist, their artworks and their creative process.


This blog offers content from which one  could learn more about their favorite masterpieces,  understand the techniques as well as unfold the circumstances,  ‘ the milieu’ and the period in which the artwork has been created. On the other hand this blog helps the readers to discover and appreciate the  new, unknown art of emerging, contemporary artists who are on their way to the international recognition.


‘The role of art writer is translating visual experience into written language (…) Intuition tells me that the most fertile new art-writing ground may be that currently  being charted at the fringes – such as art-related fiction both about art and behaving as art; or the philosophy at the intersection about art and literature.’

Dr Gilda Williams, art critic and teacher at Goldsmiths College, University of London and lecturer at Sotheby’s Institute