If some people  will ever try to tell you that this world isn’t full of magic, ask them what do they see while looking at the rising sun at the seaside in the early morning . What is that they feel if on the surface of dark sky they suddenly notice a falling star. I wouldn’t belive live if they told you that  they really don’t feel anything. In ‘times like these’ people’s heart can’t escape from  growing bigger and bigger, so close to explosion from the overwhelming emotions.

If this isn’t magic – what kind of word you would use for describing the striking beauty of a masterpiece seen at your favorite the museum or an art gallery? It is nothing but a feast for the spirit if you have the chance to be so close to the incredibly smooth structures, shapes, colors that you wish you could touch and feel under your fingertips.

Giovanna Tornabuoni

Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni, Domenico Girlandhio 1940, the Museo Thyssen-BornemiszaMadrid

If we could live perfectly happy without magic – why  the humanity did not change trough the centuries. Why do we want to travel and explore the world, regardless of our believes, social status or incomes. Isn’t it wonderfully  energizing, so inspiring to travel to Paris, Rome or Barcelona to see the picturesque buildings, spectacular monuments and ornaments. There is a reason why there are situations when we want to run away from the reality, make our life fit into a little bag, book an air ticket and for some time choose to become pilgrims.  We do this just to experience something unforgettable and full of magic.

The truth is that you don’t really need to travel the remote locations to find yourself near the magical things that shall pull the strings of your soul. Sometimes visiting an antique shop can offer similar kind of excitement and joy. The only difference is that instead of travelling in space, you get to travel in time.

When I visited my favorite antique shop in Wroclaw called “Szarlatan” some time ago I was amazed by the discovery of most beautiful tiny, original pictures of miss Europe from 1929, 1930 and 1932. When I took them home and put them on my table,  all the “dolly faces” home I realized that the most of them was pretty in a very “timeless” way. I was sure most of the women I was looking at with so much admiration and awe – died some time ago as they must have been born at the beginning of XX century.


I must admit that it’s been indeed a magical and transcendent experience for me to look at their smile, think of their lives in the past –hoping that somehow all of them managed to make it through a horror of Second World War. I wanted to think that they all lived long lives, were happily married, had children and grandchildren.That their beauty wasn’t destroyed by the cruelty of the faith taking place in the times they lived in.

Talking about magic. I am sure you can recall a situation in which you were driving your car to work or a shopping center. In your head you’re were busy with ticking the “to-do” list thinking, convinced that uneventful life is something that adult people have to accept. Naturally, while feeling uninspired you don’t pay much attention to all that you see. Therefore I want to warn you now – while rushing, chasing your dreams, make sure you don’t miss the best, the most important part of your life, the magical ‘little things’.

The magic could be hidden in anything. A beautiful tree with blossoming flowers, an unusual cloud or an incredibly intoxicating face of a stranger that could easily become a catwalk model or a Hollywood superstar. Things that you watch open-mouthed – and think about days after you’ve seen them.

When you spot magic – you surely try to think of how to capture the beauty before it’s gone. Like it was a fragile butterfly that could fly away anytime.What usually happens in times like these you reach out to the pocket of your jacket, take your smart phone and take some pictures.

I am almost sure you’ve never contemplated on the reason – why do we actually want to take pictures of beautiful things or beautiful people.  Where does it actually come from – our desire to make a beauty immortal. Isn’t the eagerness in “spotting and tracking” beauty imprinted within our nature  just like any other instinct. Isn’t this a part of our humanity?

Desiree Dolron big picture

(c) Desiree Dolron, Xteriors

There is no deny that some people are more sensitive to the world’s beauty more than others – which, while combined with an imagination and talent and persistence can lead to becoming a professional painter, photographers or musician. Recently, completely by accident I’ve found on the Internet something I could take not get out of my mind – amazing photography by Desiree Dolron . I was especially ‘seduced’ by the collection that Desiree exhibited in  Paris in December 2006 called ‘Exaltation, Gauze, Xteriors’. Looking at her haunting photography made me understand better the words of John Ward that wrote in one of his poems that ‘face is the world’s smallest and greatest theater.’ I could not agree more with the painter. It is a theater with frequent and most fascinating spectacles this world have  ever seen.

Desiree Dolron

(c) Desiree Dolron,Xteriors

Desiree Dolron3

(c) Desiree Dolron,Xteriors

Desiree Xteriors

(c) Desiree Dolron,Xteriors

Certainly, there is so much magic within human face that only the art could accept a challenge to  describe it, express it in a visual way. I had no idea that my Thursday night surfing on the Internet and my new fascination with Desiree’s Art shall take me where I’ve been before. To the “terra incognita” that I wasn’t scared of anymore. I went to sleep in my antique bed thinking about ‘isolated portraits’ of Dutch photographer and without feeling much of a surprise I knew I’ll end up in the past. Obviously I was right as I opened my eyes in an atelier of an Italian painter Domenico Girlandhio .

A coincident? I rally don’t think so since everything happens for a reason. ‘Here we go again’ I said to myself  looking with growing excitement at my amazing, purple and golden Renaissance dress I was wearing .I looked at the focused face of Domenico and did not say a word, knowing that I am apparently in the middle of posing to one of the most important profile portraits that the history of art has ever known.

Giovanna Tornabuoni Detail

Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni,Detail,  Domenico Girlandhio 1940, the Museo Thyssen-BornemiszaMadrid