Frank Benson

Since the dawn of the time there was one important thing that people had in common – namely the natural curiosity of the world around us. The representatives of Homo sapiens  have always truly loved to discover the origin and learn about where all the things come from . There is no deny that looking into the past and searching for reasons is enjoyable, pleasant and thrilling. It gives our lives certain purpose and helps us to understand and accept the struggles, difficulties and the challenges of the everyday life.

The truth is that nothing could ever make us more happy than a  sudden discovery. New information gathered on some interesting topic makes us look at the world in a completely new way. There is entire flow of  the curiosity, the passion and the excitement  that ones experiences while ‘entering the unknown territory’. This is where all the Internet Browsers benefit from.  It is people’s nature to be constantly searching for something or someone who will enrich the current life we live.

Her Own Path

Somehow the wish to make a step in the new direction is like an instinct that’s imprinted in our DNA. Everybody shall agree with me on one thing – without ‘trying hard to find out’, the humanity would not be able to make it  trough the centuries. In fact without the discoveries  –  there would be no evolution, no inventions whatsoever. And that would mean a real disaster for the human kind.

What you can do with what there is

I belive that everybody who has seen the epic science fiction movie “A Space Odyssey” from 1968 by Stanley Kubrick is able to recall one,  quite thrilling scene.   At the beginning of “civilization” there was a monkey, a leader of a larger group that wasn’t happy about the way things were. No wonder – the reality at that particular time wasn’t a fairy tale. There were several different reasons for that – a  lack of food,  no water and continuous danger that could occur anytime, from anywhere as the stronger  species tried to kill the weaker ones.

However there was something quite innovative that crossed the monkeys  mind, that ‘something’ would be called today an ability to think”out-of-the-box”.  While confronted with a difficult situation  the smart animal did not surrender easily. Instead of that – it looked around carefully analyzing in head  all the possible scenarios. The movie in a silent but very moving way shows us “the day of glory” where monkey decides to use a spare, very hard bone found on the dry sand as a weapon.   Using “a new way”, new approach, new strategy –  worked perfectly. This means that connecting the dots, asking yourself a question “what if….” can only improve the situation you are in now and lead you to surprising conclusions. To succeed it to use the  available resources in the most efficient way.

“Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is.”(Ernest Hemingway)


No Point In Storytelling ?

In fact without a deep, internal need to “investigate” and explore the past times there would be no point in “storytelling”. There is no doubt  – sharing experiences has always been  a significant factor impacting the current condition of the world. No curiosity would mean that Amerigo Vespucci would rather prefer to stay at the safe dry land throughout his whole life and make his living as a talented and highly inspired shoemaker or a butcher instead of taking any risk in the endless ocean. Why would he bother to discover  Venezuela, Brazil ? No wish to learn about the unknown would mean that Neil Armstrong and his starship Apollo 11 would never have reached the moon. The fuel would seem to expensive and the trip too dangerous – and there would be enough excuses to not to try.

Stormy Sea

The Imagination and The Creativity

There is no doubt that “The Imagination” and “The Creativity” are the key factors without which  the giants as Apple or Google could never really become the worlds most powerful brands. If it wasn’t for the imagination and creativity we would never have been able to admire some of the most amazing paintings by Salvador Dali – who keeps inspiring and influencing the way we function in the world, welcoming the unconventional thinking into our projects and lives.

Salvadore Creative

Salvadore Dali Creativity.JPG

From Big Bang Theory to Big Art Theory

The truth is that, fortunately –  it is our nature to ask questions.In result of a quite important ‘process of  questioning’ the scientists tried to understand our place in this universe and furthermore, the place of the universe itself. The origin of the Big Bang theory shall be credited to Edwin Hubble. This scientist has observed that the universe is continuously expanding.  However to the important conclusions was asking the right questions such as: ‘How did our universe begin? How old is our universe? How did matter come to exist? And going further into development of one of the most “convincing”  and “believable” cosmological theory   –  Stephen Hawkins would not be “This Stephen Hawkins” without his persistence and determination to find out “where lies the truth”.

The history has shown that it makes sense to keep trying to “reach to the bottom” of our existence. And if that “worked” in the world of cosmology or any other kind of science –  – why  shouldn’t we try to carry out that approach in the Art. There is so much that still needs to be discovered . All true admirers of art want to know what actually inspired the artists, what was their  real inspiration. Why did they turn to new techniques? The list of potential questions seem to have no end.

“The Art is not what you see – but what you make others see”

The famous French Painter Degas once said that “The Art is not what you see – but what you make others see”. Why would he say that?  The answer is quite simple.  Because nothing about art has the trivial intention to offer us a  “ready-made” and “instant” realities that you could  look at and understand in few seconds . The purpose of  the real Art is to amaze, to make one feel touched,  challenged,  to set the mind of the onlooker free.  A simple “aesthetic experience” as some people would call  the act of looking at the artworks it is not enough and would be very shallow . The real Art wants to engage the viewer, it asks for reflection, it demands  a true, wholehearted involvement, a real participation.


What’s In It For Me?

The Big Art Theory blog is created for  everybody who likes to use imagination,  enjoys unfolding the mysteries behind all the themes, motifs chosen and presented by the painters, photographers or writers throughout the centuries. Reading the postwill make you think, imagine and touch the mattery that is difficult to see with a naked eye.  Hopefully it will also inspire you to make your own discoveries in the (almost) infinite universe of Art that just like the real universe is still expanding.

It’s the time we started an unforgettable journey to the fascinating world of the Big Art and the Big Artist.